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The killing of Osama Here's what went down!!

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Poodle humping a teddy bear What is it about little white poodles that drives them to try and make love to stuffed animals???

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Humorous Google Searches You never know what will turn up when Google automatically populates the search drop-down. Here are a few that I found while playing around. [caption id="attachment_69" align="aligncenter" width="466"...

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Animated GIF of Dan Henderson knocking out Michael... Here's an animated gif of Hendo knocking out the loud mouth Michael Bisping. You've gotta love it, following the trash that's spewed from Bisping's mouth the past few months. Ouch

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I think she knows you!

Category : From the Mailbox

I receive tons of e-mail every day from people I know and from people I don’t know. More often than not, i delete the ones I think are not work related. However, I do sometimes go back and open a few. I’ll begin posting some of my favorites.

Here’s one I received today from a guy:

I’m not sure who this woman is, but she claims she knows you!


A Christmas present to myself

Category : Hobbies

I’ve been looking at the 17HMR for a while now. Everyone seems to love this caliber round and there’s tons of positive feedback on the web. I decided to get myself one for Christmas after looking at them for the past six months. I picked this Savage 93R17 BTVSS up today at Academy Sporting Goods. Here’s a picture of my new “toy”. Make sure to keep checking back as I’ll have a write-up on it later this weekend.

Motorcycle Flip

Category : Videos

Someone sent me this video in e-mail and I just thought it was crazy. I’m glad that everyone walked (or ran) away from the accident. I’ve known too many people that this has happened to that were not so lucky.

Photos Section Ready

Category : Announcements

TB_Crawfish_Boil_004I’ve begun loading some of my photos from the past two years.  Go ahead and check them out. I’ve got pictures from places I’ve traveled, parties & friends, mud riding, cars, and plenty of random crap. Chances are that, if you know me, then you’ll be in one of them.


Coming Soon

Category : Announcements

I’ll be getting this site up and running in the next two days. Watch for info on our trip to Panama City, Panama. Top