Louisiana Mudfest – Labor Day Weekend 2008

Category : Hobbies

The Louisiana Mudfest was held this past weekend in Colfax. This Labor Day weekend episode of Louisiana Mudfest turned out very good. Unfortunately, I pulled out during the Sammie Kershaw concert to beat the traffic and rain being caused by hurrican Gustav. The event was scheduled to continue on until today (Monday), but I’m not sure it was as we’re receiving heavy wind from Gustav.

Be sure to check out some of the pictures I took over the weekend. You should also plan to attend their next event once it’s announced. The event has come a long way since their original one held six months ago. Be sure to drop me a line or comment. I’ll be more than happy to post any pictures you may have of the event! Let me know…

You can find the photos of this event plus a few others under the ATV Mudride Section to the right. Top